Company Overview

Astral Poultry’s Western Cape based operation, also referred to as County Fair, is a leading broiler processor and produces fresh, individual quick frozen chicken and a range of crumbed and coated chicken products. As a result of its focus on achieving market competitiveness through low cost production, maximisation of processing efficiencies and improved service to customers, County Fair is amongst one of the lowest cost broiler producers in South Africa. County Fair's relationship with Elite Breeding Farms, in conjunction with Ross Poultry, provides County Fair with a leading edge in the genetic breeding process for South African conditions. County Fair’s poultry activities include parent rearing, laying, hatcheries, broiler production, processing, sales and distribution. 

County Fair Foods (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1964 by Mr Desmond Lurie. Mr Lurie was a skillful entrepreneur, as well as a friendly and well-respected businessman. The business grew respectively from a small start in 1964, slaughtering 3000 chickens per week to currently slaughtering 1.3 million chickens per week.

Mr Desmond Lurie sold the business to Tiger Oats in 1987, who remained the owners of County Fair Foods (Pty) Ltd until 2001 when, after an unbundling exercise, County Fair became a division of Astral Operations Limited.

Today County Fair, a division of Astral Operations Ltd, is a fully integrated poultry producing company of parent rearing, laying, hatching, broiler farms, abattoir and fresh and frozen distribution facilities.

The County Fair range of products consists of bone in fresh and frozen chicken portions, IQF and a comprehensive value added range.

The company is the leading supplier of fresh chicken in the Western Cape, with IQF and value added products being distributed nationally and internationally.

About County Fair